WCS Elementary Fundraising Society

We raise funds via Casino, Raffle and 50-50 draws and administer the funds on behalf of the WCS Elementary Campus and Community


The Westmount Charter Elementary Fundraising Society (WCEFS) works with the Westmount Charter School Council to support our elementary school with fundraising, volunteering and feedback for the School Board.


For information on meetings and dates, please visit the school’s monthly calendar online. Meetings are communicated to parents routinely by the school via email.

WCEFS, A Great Way to Contribute!

Joining the WCEFS is a great way to contribute and stay involved. Whether you wish to become an executive, or simply come to meetings once in a while, your participation is always appreciated. Our goal is to support our children and teachers at Westmount elementary school as a group, while contributing to the best possible school experience for all.

The WCEFS’ main revenue source is a two-day casino fundraising event we are applying to be licensed to operate once every 21 months. The funds from these casinos can be used to purchase band instruments, phys-ed equipment, music computers and library resources. Parent participation in serving on the executive and in volunteering to work the casino is essential to these activities. Our children benefit greatly from these proceeds.

We need your help!!!

This is the single largest source of external fundraising dollars that Westmount receives! 

We need at least 2-3 more volunteers to serve on the board of this society in in the vacant positions listed below.

The society meets 3-4 times per year and time commitment varies depending on position and where the society is in their 2 year fundraising cycle. Commitment can be as low as 5-6 hours per year!

We will not be able to continue our fundraising efforts and the creation of the new society without your help!

For more information please check out the website or contact us directly at wcefso@gmail.com

Board Members (as of 27/9/2022)


President Kimberly Hui
Vice-President Susan Kwong
Treasurer Vinod Balakrishnan
Secretary Jen Phillip
Casino Chair Susan Kwong
Members-at-large Janine Elenko, Jennifer Yu, Christina Lee, Shan Li
Raffle Coordinator Vacant
Communications Vacant

About us

We are a volunteer group of WCS Elementary community and parents who meet throughout the year to organize fundraising events, administer the bank accounts, communicate our progress, and make decisions on the spending of the funds.

If you are looking for the Mid-High Society, go to the WCS PFS (Mid-High) Website.